2020 Fall Prairie Trail Run Results

Thank you to everyone who came out and ran our BEAUTIFUL course out at Rock Creed Station State Historical Park!

Trail Run Results

First Name Last Name City Gender Age Finish Finish Time
Linda Bargar Fairbury F 60 dnf
Jeff Friesen Hebron M 52 30:12:00 3rd M, 5th O
Shannon  LeFave Deshler M 48 28:49:00 2nd M, 3rd O
Mark Varner Deshler M 54 46:25:00 4th M, 7th O
Sara Tarkalin Fairbury F 41 1:11:43 T-6th F, 10th O
Lisa Penner Deshler F 24 25:51:00 1st F, 1st O
Cienna Friesen Hebron F 21 30:04:00 2nd F, 4th O
Laura Bedlan Fairbury F 48 1:11:43 T-6th F, 10th O
Dave Bedlan Fairbury M 51 26:00:00 1st M, 2nd O
Sam Bedlan Fairbury F 15 59:35:00 T-4th F, 8th O
Ray Bedlan Fairbury F 15 32:48:00 3rd F, 6th O
Alecia Bedlan Fairbury F 11 59:35:00 T-4th F, 8th O